A Social Place for Social People

Why the Banyan?

The name Banyan Inn comes from a British Royal Navy term started in the 18th century.  Originally, a “banyan day" was a day on which no meat was served aboard British naval vessels.  Over time, it began to mean the complete opposite.  A “banyan day” began to refer to a day when the ship’s crew encountered a bounty of meat, whether a large catch of fish or finding local animals which could be hunted.  On those days, the captain would declare a “banyan day," and the ship’s crew would come ashore and have a cookout, complete with ale from the ship’s stores.  Currently the term “banyan day” refers to any barbeque or party on the beach.

In naming the Inn the Banyan Inn, we pay homage to our history in the Turks and Caicos Islands as part of the British West Indies and the boating community of the South Side Marina, on which we are located.  We also wanted to capture the feeling of a banyan day, complete with gratitude for unexpected good fortune, and enjoyment of a barbeque and cold beer on the beach.

Why an Inn?

The concept of an inn is several centuries old, with some believing that inns dated back to the time of the Romans.  Traditional inns were the original bed and breakfasts, providing travelers with a room for the night, food and beverage, and also served as community gathering places.  Inns served not only as a place of lodging, but also a place to visit with fellow travelers, enjoy food and drink, and be entertained by minstrels and local entertainers.

Similarly, the Banyan Inn provides a unique alternative to typical Grace Bay resorts.  With only six rooms, the Inn provides a social setting for visitors as well as room and board.  Our guests typically gather over breakfast to share stories of their adventures on the island, get recommendations from the on-site owners for anything from restaurants to beaches, and meet on our back deck to enjoy an end-of-the-day beverage with one of our beautiful sunsets in the background.  On occasion, our guests are treated to local musicians performing at the inn, and for those inclined, can join in on the fun.